$85 USD for the Japanese Anemone Workshop

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Awesome Blossom! Japanese Anemone Workshop

Anemones are delicate little things, but fresh florists love including them in arrangements anyway. They flutter. They arch. Their cute button centers provide interest and contrast. 

As paper florists, we can make our Japanese anemones sturdier and longer lasting than the real deal. While many of us create entire bouquets out of crepe, sometimes we also partner with fresh florists to provide out of season flowers or blooms that are difficult to work with. Anemones very frequently fit these criteria. (Darn little cuties.)

If you’re looking to expand your paper flower business, finding a fresh florist business partner can be a great move. Just make one of these, and they’ll be sold in a heartbeat. 

Another fantastic way to build your business? Improve your skills with our Awesome Blossom! workshop series. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced crepe master. When we teach a flower, like the Japanese anemone, we guide you through the basic steps and also provide a more specialized experience. 

Do you need extra help understanding how to reverse cup the petals? No problem! One of our team members can pop in with you to help out. 

Have you already made twenty Japanese anemones in your sleep? That’s great! We’ll also teach more advanced techniques for those who are ready, so that you can further customize your flowers by making them more durable, realistic, or colored in a brand new way.