$85 USD for the Floral Mechanics + Arranging Virtual Workshop

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Awesome Blossom! Floral Mechanics + Arranging Workshop

Cue the triumphant music. Here it is. The pinnacle of everything we’ve been talking about! Time to put all the blooms and foliages you have made together!

People who haven’t created a floral arrangement sometimes don’t understand just how difficult putting together a cohesive display can be. It takes planning. It takes coordination. It takes hard work, gosh darn it! 

It’s okay if this doesn’t come naturally to you. None of us were born knowing how to do all of this paper flower stuff. We have to study things like color theory and vase mechanics. We learn through trial and error, plus from our wonderful friends in this community. (Love you all!)

Most importantly, we let our creative hearts guide us. That’s the soul of our work, and we can’t forget that. 

That’s exactly what we want to nurture with Awesome Blossom! Over the course of 8 workshops, we’ll guide you step by step, flower by flower until we reach the culmination of our efforts: a stunning arrangement. And we’re not just going to show you how to copy ours. You’ll get a recipe for small and large versions, plus suggestions on how to give your arrangement an entire mood: light and airy or dark and moody. Your arrangement will be 100% yours.

After this final course, you’ll walk away with a metaphorical toolbox stuffed to the gills with techniques, tips, and confidence.