Are you ready to earn a living making paper flowers?



You’re making all these beautiful paper flowers and people are noticing




Do I have what it takes to become my own boss and work on my own terms

Can I earn income selling my art to support my family?

How do I run a company on a day-to-day basis AND have time for my family?


You know you should monetize your passion but you have no clue where to begin


Does this sound familiar?

Imagine how it would feel to...

LIVE and BREATHE paper flowers.
WAKE UP every day and be PASSIONATE about your job.
MAKE paper flowers and be generously PAID for it.
SUPPORT your FAMILY on your own terms. 


YES - it's possible!

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PAPER TO PROFITS is the ONLY program that teaches you how to TRANSFORM your paper flower passion into a money-making business so that you can start earning a living making paper flowers. This program guides you through it all - from the initial start up, to the set-up of tried and true systems, to the day-to-day operations.

YES, in only a FEW WEEKS, you can have a viable business up and running on auto-pilot while you do the thing that makes you happy - making paper flowers!

We made exciting changes to Paper to Profits: The Mastermind Edition! Listen to episode 89 to hear all of the new updates. 


Love the new changes, I'm ready to purchase!

What's included in the Program

Part One

The Business 101 Handbook

8 In-depth Chapters that cover the essential topics any creative entrepreneur must know so you can launch a creative business successfully. 

Each chapter will be supplemented with audio clips of conversations we've had with industry experts within and outside of our paper flower community that we feel is relevant to the topic being discussed:


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CHAPTER 1: Setting up your business


► Build the framework of your business, including choosing a name, registering legally, and managing finances. You’ll also learn how to handle services such as workshops and rentals.

CHAPTER 2: Marketing your business

► Create an online presence with a website, email, social media, and shops like Etsy. Build local support for your business, and navigate commissions and working with event planners.

CHAPTER 3: Pricing

► Learn how to price per item or per hour, and how to adjust your prices according to your target market and competition. You’ll be able to price with confidence and make a profit.

CHAPTER 4: Invoicing

► Protect yourself and provide clear expectations to customers by including the right things on your invoices and listings. You’ll also learn to calculate sales tax and gain access to invoice and contracts templates.

CHAPTER 5: Shipping and packaging

► Learn to quote shipping to customers and find the best rates with our suggestions. Find out how to prevent damage when packaging products, and how to best brand your packaging.

CHAPTER 6: Managing customer relationships

► Learn how to handle legitimate complaints in a way that will leave customers happy and more likely to buy again—and how to handle upset customers with professionalism and firmness.

CHAPTER 7: Preparing for tax filing time

► Plan for taxes based on your circumstances, track business expense deductions, pay retail sales tax, and learn how to avoid double taxation by buying wholesale.

CHAPTER 8: Utilizing business tools

► Learn about your options for bookkeeping software and invoicing apps, and understand the fees associated with payment platforms. You’ll also gain access to our template system for help with invoices, contracts, wholesale line sheets, emails, and accounting systems.

BONUS CHAPTER: The Big Picture

► Make a business plan that stays true to the artistic heart of your business, while also pushing you to success. 

Part Two

10 Week Mastermind 

This Program wouldn’t be complete without us guiding you through from set up to launch. This year we are introducing a group mentorship session that kicks off right after the course sale ends. 

Each week you will receive a new chapter of content to review before our weekly, live group meeting with the Paper to Profits students.

Our intention with this format is to create accountability, follow through, and improve your overall success with your business!

Each week that we meet we will have specific questions that you review before the live trainings. This allows us to more efficiently coach you through any difficulties you encountered in the chapter and any lingering self doubts for you. If you want us to critique your business name, or  social media handle, we can do that too!

Mastermind sessions will be held in real time every Tuesday starting May 18 at 10AM (PT) & 1PM (ET). All of the Mastermind sessions will be recorded so you can watch or re-watch the sessions at your leisure. If you cannot attend, we have a system in place that will allow you to provide questions you want us to address during the live sessions. 

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Part Three

The Everyday Business Template System

We know that you’d rather spend your time making paper flowers than answering customer complaints (yes, you may run into those, but we will teach you how to address them!). Well, we’ve made it easy for you to focus on your strengths. We’ve included templates (and examples) to make the day-to-day operation quick and easy. Just pull up the templates and insert your details. The Everyday Business Template System includes:

  1. Invoice Templates for Paper Flowers and Workshops (per person, per hour, or agreed upon rate) (Excel)
  2. Contract Templates for Wedding Flowers and Special Events (Word)
  3. Wholesale Line Sheet Template (Word)
  4. Bridal Inquiry Responding Email Template (Word)
  5. Email Responses to Customer Complaint Templates (Word)
  6. Income & Expenditure Account Spreadsheet (Excel)
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Part Four

Launching Your Business Roadmap

You’ve gone through the chapters, now you’re ready to take action. You could dig through all the information in each section to pull out the key steps you need to launch your business. But why do that when we’ve already done this for you?!

Take the “Launching Your Business Roadmap” and propel your business from zero to hero! This step-by-step roadmap walks you through the process of transforming your creative hobby into a legit business. 

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Are you ready to earn a living making paper flowers?

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  • Business 101 Handbook (Valued at $497)
  • The Everyday Business Template System (Valued at $197)
  • 10 Week Mastermind Group Sessions (Valued at $657)
  • Launching Your Business Roadmap (Valued at $49)
  • BONUS BUNDLE (Valued at $97):
  • BONUS: The Creative Entrepreneur’s Ultimate Resource List 
  • BONUS: Etsy Keyword Masterlist 
  • BONUS: SEO Tip Sheet
  • BONUS: Mileage Log Form 
  • BONUS: Visual Proposal Template

Total Value = $1497

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You've got everything you need to LAUNCH your business in this program. 




Maximize your profits?


Ensure customers can find you?


Offer a polished and professional visual proposal to your customers?


Keep track of your business-related expenses?



That's why, in addition to the Paper to Profits Program, we are throwing in a BONUS BUNDLE that will make your business THRIVE.

The Creative Entrepreneur's Ultimate Resource List 

We have a looooong list of vendors and apps that have made our busy entrepreneurial lives easier over the past five years. Are we giving it to you for free? YOU BET!  We're handing you our coveted Resource List of vendors, apps, and systems so you can hit the road running! This Resource List is where you'll find our wholesale supply accounts, wholesale shipping accounts, invoicing & payment apps, bookkeeping & accounting systems, sales tax rate apps and where to find tax and business registration information.

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Hashtag Keyword Masterlist 

You've got your online shop up, but how do customers find you? What keywords do they use to find you? We've got you covered with this Bonus. We updated our Hashtag Keyword Masterlist with the top 50 ranked keywords at anytime on Etsy's marketplace search engine. Plus we added a bit bunch of #hashtags that you can use on Instagram and on your website. Your shop isn't on Etsy? Not a problem! These keywords are relevant on every social media platform. Customers use similar words in all search engines. Just plug in these keywords into your images, blogs, posts, filenames etc. and watch as your online presence skyrocket! 

SEO Tip Sheet

Who doesn’t want more sales? Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is all about getting your business to show up higher in search results. By boosting your rankings, you’ll increase traffic to your business online—and when more people find you, you’ll gain more customers.  In this Tip Sheet, we've gathered up our top 6 tips to boost your SEO to another level! New to Paper to Profits.

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Visual Proposal Template 

We cannot stress the importance of presenting your work to your client in a clear, concise, and professional way. A Visual Proposal should set out your client's parameters, inspirations, and your suggestions and ideas for the final product, whether it is a bouquet or window display or an event. More importantly, it's an opportunity to make sure that you and your client are on the same page. We've made this easy for you to look polished and professional with this Visual Proposal Template - simply plug in your images and fill in the descriptions and voila! (Canva)

Mileage Log Form

Now that you're a business owner, you get to deduct your vehicle expenses! This Mileage Log Form will help record your mileage from A to B over the course of a year, and summarize your Personal to Business Use! Simply input your figures on the dates you use your vehicle for business and at the end of the year, the Form will tell you the percentage of Business-use to report in your tax filings. (Google Excel)

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Yes, I want the bonuses!
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We want you to be 100% confident when you enroll in the Paper to Profits Program. 

There’s literally no risk involved, because you’re backed by our 7 day money back guarantee! 

Who are we?


Hello! We are Quynh Nguyen and Jessie Chui.


As founders of Paper Talk, our mandate is to share our knowledge, connect our members, and elevate the artistry of individuals paper florists. 

We are also paper florists, educators and motivators. Quynh is the artist behind Pink and Posey and Jessie is the face behind Crafted to Bloom. 

Five years ago, we fell in love with making paper flowers and made the leap to become entrepreneurs. Although we both had past entrepreneurial experience, we had no knowledge of how to launch or operate a paper flower enterprise. At the time, there was no guide on how to transform our paper flower passion into a lasting and profitable business. We didn’t know how to price our paper flowers, how to package and ship our products, how to keep a good record of our materials and expenses. In time, we established systems for our businesses and since then, they've flourished.

You can do it too. But you don’t need to make the same mistakes as we did. Let us show you how to transition your passion into profit painlessly.

(Photo credit: Kelly Lemon Photography)

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Why should you trust us?


Because we’ve been there!

We started our business with only our passion for paper flowers, and now, we can confidently say that the transition to a creative entrepreneur is the most rewarding and profitable experience we’ve ever had.


We know the struggle!

Both of us have families to support and running our own business effectively allows Quynh to spend more time with her beloved Butter and Jessie with her two babies.


We believe in our systems!

After years of testing out different templates and systems, we’ve perfected them so that we can shoot that Invoice out quickly or file that tax return without worrying about missing a thing.


Our plates are full with projects we love!

We regularly fully book our customer schedules with our ideal clients, from the bride-next-door to the luxury commercial brand.


We are living the dream!

We are making money, working from home, and making paper flowers. What more can we ask for?

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Hear from our students!

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The updates to Paper to Profit with the chapter check-ins sound amazing- the course is already so well put together with such a wealth of knowledge to be gained and this sounds like it will be a wonderful and exciting way to even further advance the depth of valuable information, as well as support and community.

The time and effort that you two put into your students and into the community is very admirable. Thank you for being so thorough and supportive in such innovative ways with such kind, welcoming, and friendly spirits! 

- Nora Fradin, Lilac and Blush Paper Garden

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Paper to Profits is an amazing guide for paper florists who would like to get their businesses started and organized by taking the guess work out of all the little things that go into it. Jessie and Quynh are so so so helpful at any stage you may be in and so lovely to talk to. They have gone through many different experiences in their own businesses and are very open about sharing all of it to help our community.

What more could you ask for? This course is a gem and so very worth it.

- Rosemary Joaquin, Rosies & Lily's Paper Flowers

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Each section of the course provides quality guidance and information laid out in an easy format. You have access to the course for life which is perfect when you need to revisit and find information. The community section is the perfect way to ask any additional questions and talk with fellow course members.

...You get to discuss your business with Jessie and Quynh and ask them any additional questions. Their genuine nature and love of helping the paper flower community really shines through and you feel like you are having a talk with friends.

- Kaylie O'Brien, Cassie Rogers Designs

I’m ready to take my passion to the next level!

Paper to Profits is PERFECT for you if you're just starting out and...

You have a PASSION for making paper flowers

You want to GENERATE INCOME from your passion

You are completely AT A LOSS of how to set up a business

You want a ROADMAP to help you launch your business


Paper to Profits is RIGHT FOR YOU if you have a business...

Of less than a year and you want to GET A SYSTEM IN PLACE

Of more than a year and you want to be MORE EFFICIENT & PROFITABLE

Are you ready to earn a living making paper flowers?

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  • Business 101 Handbook (Valued at $497)
  • The Everyday Business Template System (Valued at $197)
  • 10 Week Mastermind Group Sessions (Valued at $657)
  • Launching Your Business Roadmap (Valued at $49)
  • BONUS BUNDLE (Valued at $97):
  • BONUS: The Creative Entrepreneur’s Ultimate Resource List 
  • BONUS: Etsy Keyword Masterlist 
  • BONUS: Mileage Log Form 
  • BONUS: Visual Proposal Template

Total Value = $1497

Yes, I'm ready to be a Paper to Profits Student!
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Don't let another year go by before you turn your dream into your reality.


In today’s economic climate, your 9 to 5 job is not guaranteed. 


Being your own boss is. No one can fire the boss!


You’re already creating for yourself, why not sell your creations too?


You really have nothing to lose.

Take a peek inside!


Frequently Asked Questions

I want to access Paper to Profits!

Are you ready to earn a living making paper flowers?

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  • Business 101 Handbook (Valued at $497)
  • The Everyday Business Template System (Valued at $197)
  • 10 Week Mastermind Group Sessions (Valued at $657)
  • Launching Your Business Roadmap (Valued at $49)
  • BONUS BUNDLE (Valued at $97):
  • BONUS: The Creative Entrepreneur’s Ultimate Resource List 
  • BONUS: Etsy Keyword Masterlist 
  • BONUS: SEO Tip Sheet
  • BONUS: Mileage Log Form 
  • BONUS: Visual Proposal Template

Total Value = $1497

Yes, I'm ready!
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Photo Credit for floral images: Caroline Tran Photography

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