Episode 13: Reviving Crepe Paper Art with Lia Griffith

Season #1

It’s nearly impossible to make paper flowers and not have heard of Lia Griffith, the internationally renowned designer, educator, and author. When we started our crepe paper flower journeys years ago, Lia’s lifestyle website was one of the few that provided paper flower tutorials for crepe paper.

As a leader of the craft industry, Lia’s business model has evolved to a subscription model to provide consistently amazing handmade craft projects for “a handcrafted lifestyle”. She’s partnered with some big brands such as Joann’s and Cricut; she has a line of her own craft tools with Fiskars; and she has her own line of crepe papers, frosted tissue papers, paper flower kits.

In addition to creative projects, Lia’s team consistently pumps out easy, quick, and beautiful paper flower tutorials for beginners and ultimately provides a popular “gateway” into paper flower art for many crafters and artists.

From her studio in Portland, Oregon, Lia’s goal is to teach and help others “find joy in crafting and reopen the door to their creative soul.” Lia’s first paper flower book, “Crepe Paper Flowers: A Beginner’s Guide to Making and Arranging Beautiful Blooms” is now available for sale on her website and on Amazon.


Listen to Lia as she talks with Quynh, Jessie, and Priscilla, about Lia Griffith and her goal to “handcraft your life”! 


You can learn more about Lia and her team by following them on Instagram at @liagriffith, and their website: www.liagriffth.com.


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