Episode 15: Introducing Paper Flowers in Asia with Jasmine Sing

Season #1

We first met Jasmine Sing at our Masterclass back in April of this year and we were just captivated by her warmth and friendliness. Not only is she hilariously funny and frank, but she is also fiercely ambitious. Since moving from Singapore to South Korea, her adopted country, she is forging her own paper flower path and introducing crepe paper flowers to crafters in Asia through her workshops and online courses.


Let’s get to know a little bit about Jasmine:

1. Tell us a bit about your paper flower business

I am a craft enthusiast and I love making things with my hands. I started making paper flowers as a hobby and recently started conducting workshops in Korea and Singapore.

I am currently based in South Korea and I am very excited to be one of the first to introduce crepe paper flowers here. I have also started my online classes for a Korean app platform and planning to create more contents for English speakers as well.

I am pretty new to this industry but, I do have a big dream. I hope to become the bridge between the Western and Asian markets and share my knowledge on everything such as materials, tools, techniques, and different styles for this amazing art.


2. How would you describe your paper flowers and/or your aesthetic?

I am still exploring different styles but, I do enjoy and challenge myself to create flowers that are realistic looking.


3. What do you find the most challenging and rewarding about having a paper flower business?

That would definitely be placing and marketing my business in the Korean market as a foreigner. It is really challenging to fit into the Korean culture but very satisfying to know they love my work and enjoy my classes. 


4. What advice would you give to new paper flower artists?

Enjoy the process, love your creations, and try as many mediums as possible.


5. What’s one tool you unexpectedly fell in love with and now use regularly?

I don’t really have many to begin with. But I do love my Kai scissors and also skewers of all sizes to curl my petals.


Want to learn more about Jasmine? 

Follow her on her Instagram @merremade and check out her website/classes at https://www.merremade.com/.


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