Episode 28 - Clever Designs with Laura Richey

Season #1

This week, we talk to Laura Richey, the artist and face behind 2CLVR Designs. From her home studio in London, Ontario, Canada, Laura specializes in using card stock paper to create beautifully realistic and detailed paper flowers for weddings, home decor, and gifts. One look at her work and you’ll be blown away by her attention to detail and colouring techniques.

In this episode, we talk to her about how her paper flower journey began, her challenges juggling her family and a successful business, and her experiences with card stock, flower wall rentals, and related topics.


First, let’s get to know a little bit about Laura:

1. Who is Laura Richey? 

Hi, I am Laura Richey. A wife, and a mother of two boys Max and Sebastian. Max is 10 soon to be 11 and Sebastian is 9 and has autism. 


2. How did you get started making paper flowers? Why did you decide to focus on card stock as your main medium? 

Why did I start making flowers...well the reason is Sebastian. Once he was diagnosed it rocked my world and I had to leave my job and stay home so I was accessible by the programs and therapists for him. I started making cards and scrapbooks with little flowers and then I was hooked and wanted to just make flowers.

My first wedding came and I had to make a seating chart with flowers after that I dove into weddings. Why did I pick card stock well at the time that was the only medium I knew. I also had a ton from making cards and scrapbooks so why not. Over the years I have learned more about different weights of paper and how I can use them.


3. Tell us about your business, 2CLVR Designs. What services do you provide? How has your brand and style evolved to what it is today? 

My late mother-in-law named my company, she came up with the name because she always said how clever I was. I provide all types of paper decor from single blooms to giant self-standing blooms, full paper floral walls, home decor florals, and a few paper sculptures. 


4. Tell us about your recent rebranding. Why did you decide to change your brand and/or business model? 

I am working on rebranding my business in 2020 to start doing what I want to do more. I want a new feel to my business and want to be seen as something a little more then. Change is good, right?


5. How would you define the style of your flowers? How did you find your style? 

The style I feel is more realistic blooms. I try my best to make them look more realistic like what you would see in a florist fridge or garden. 


6. How have you made yourself stand out in the crowd of other paper florists? 

I feel like I have made my business stand out by adding the unique colouring technique and inking. It’s my most asked technique on every flower. 


7. What are your ideal clients and/or ideal projects? 

Ones that pay...lol. But really the ones that love art and understand the time that it takes to make the flowers and know that my heart and soul are in each petal.


8. What are some of the challenges you've faced in your business and/or art? 

Time and pricing. It's always a struggle to get paid for the time it takes to make a single bloom and feel that your product is worth the value it truly is.


9. What advice would you give to a paper florist who is starting out today? And one that is about to give up? 

Pick a target and stay with it. Don't try to do everything, you will burn out and your product won't be how you want it to.


10. Do you have any tips that could be helpful to other Paper Florists? 

Keep the passion for your craft, keep improving your skills until you feel you have mastered it. Don't feel bad if you need to give up on a flower and move on.


11. Is there anything else you'd like to share with the listeners? 

I want to thank everyone that I have touched in some way or another. I am truly blessed to be a part of this amazing community.


Want to learn more about Laura and 2CLVR Designs? Follow her on social media:

WEBSITE | https://www.2clvrdesigns.ca.

INSTAGRAM | @2cvlr_designs


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