Episode 29 - Craft Show Success with Kristen Rask

Season #1

Urban Craft Uprising organizes and creates makers events in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Its objective - to establish a strong makers community and to create a showcase for crafters - is facilitated by its President, Kristen Rask. Kristen, an artist in her own right, has been involved with UCU since 2008. She has organized and curated numerous craft shows and has a vast knowledge of vendor and artist experiences.


Listen to Kristen as she talks about her involvement in a large craft show and her advice for crafters who want to enter craft shows.


Let’s first learn a bit about Kristen:

1. Who is Kristen Rask? 

Oh, man!  I am a daughter, sister, fiance, maker, businesswoman.  More or less that's me!


2. What type of artistic pursuits are you currently involved in, if any? 

I love making stuff for my home right now as we just bought a house.  But I just don't have much time for making these days.


3. Tell us about Urban Craft Uprising. What is it? How did you get involved?

UCU has evolved over the years.  We produce many events ourselves in the year that provide opportunities to small business makers to sell their work and we team up with other events to activate spaces (like Amazon) and we put on a small business camp once a year that focuses on various topics to grow a business for small creative businesses.  I started ten years ago in PR and Marketing.  I am now the President.


4. What are the different types of shows that Urban Craft Uprising produces?

Our winter show, shows with Amazon, plant events with Amazon, etc. 


5. Tell us about the application process for an artist/vendor who wants to be involved in one of your shows. 

It's pretty simple but takes time.  All info can be found on our website.


6. What type of artist/vendor are you looking for when considering applications to the Urban Craft Uprising show?

Oh man, there are so many things we think about.  It's weird to say but the show presents itself as we jury.


7. What does an artist/vendor have to do to succeed at a craft show like Urban Craft Uprising? 

Have a good setup, talk with customers, realize you are there not just for financial reasons but to connect with potential new clients in the future.


8. Tell us about the consulting services that Urban Craft Uprising provides. 

We don't really provide those anymore.  Not enough time in a day.


9. What kind of challenges do you face organizing a large craft show like Urban Craft Uprising? 

Ha, where to start?  Making maps is really hard.  Saying no to friends.  I feel like I have like 150 children I want to care for and put a lot of pressure on myself to make everyone happy.


Learn more about Kristen Rask and Urban Craft Uprising by following her on social media:

WEBSITES | Urban Craft Uprising

INSTAGRAM | @urbancraftuprising

FACEBOOK | Urban Craft Uprising


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