Episode 40 - Pursuing your Floral Interests with Nita Komarakul

Season #2

We admire sugar flower artists from afar but sometimes we just can’t help ourselves and want to know more about this craft that is in ways so similar to our own. One of the artists we admire is Nita Komarakul. Nita is the artist behind the beautiful sugar floristry we see on her Instagram account, Pushface. Her flowers are delicate and feminine, with a realism that strikes us with awe every time.

Today we talk to Nita to learn more about her and her art.


First, let’s get to know a little bit about Nita:

1. Who is Nita Komarakul?  

Mother, flower lover, and restauranteur.


2. How did you get started making edible flowers? What drew you to this art form?

In my childhood, my mom always supported me both in arts and musical. Every birthday she always baked a cake for us. All these are influenced me to go into the baking world which first I started from sugar cookies and then came across sugar flowers, driven by a curiosity of how to make sugar flowers more natural and life-like. 


3. Tell us about Pushface. How did you come up with this name? 

It’s from my two French bulldogs which are commonly called PUSHFACE.


4. Do you have a studio space? 

Yes, I have a small room in my house where all my flower was made. 


5. How long have you been in business? 

From 2015 when I started baking, but for sugar flower nearly 4 years. 


6. What services/products do you offer?

We offer both sugar flower workshops, but also birthday cakes and celebrations, also wedding cakes with handcraft beautiful sugar flowers.

7. Tell us about the different mediums you use, eg. sugar, edible clay, bean paste, wafer, etc. 

I have tried all these mediums sugarpaste, edible clay, bean paste, and wafer paper; all of them have pros and cons. My personal preference is the medium that can reflect the petal to look real not too translucent or rigid. The easipaste meets my need: It’s white in colour, flexible and softer but strong enough to hold the shape. This can be rolled extra thin to make realistic flowers.

It dries slower than gum paste, which gives you additional time to do your petals. It also works well in high humidity with no mould, it also reacts very well to colours.


8. What types of workshops (and where) do you offer? 

This year we would like to introduce and expand easipaste for sugar flower lovers more and more.

This year I’m going to teach in Somerset, England in April for an easiflowerpaste class - it is a 2-day class which is suitable for a beginner - you will learn how to make an easipaste from scratch to make a beautiful flower. I will also be teaching in August in Osaka, Japan.


9. What are some of the challenges you've faced in your business and/or art?

Being “ under the priced” - In my country, people still do not value sugarflower art pieces, even though one flower requires both time and skill put into it. 


10. How would you define your artistic style? How did you find your artistic style? What makes your art stand out?

My style is quite natural and life-like with feminine and delicate details. Honestly, I find it from the flower.


11. What advice would you give someone who wants to find his or her artistic style in his/her art?

Find what you like and enjoy it .. create your own self.


12. How do you balance your family with your art?

I try my best to keep my weekend time for my daughter and husband.


Want to learn more about Nita and Pushface? Follow her on social media:

FACEBOOK | www.facebook.com/pushface

INSTAGRAM | @pushface


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