Episode 39 - Is Covid-19 Affecting You?

Season #2

Over the weekend, our governments began to implement stricter guidelines and policies regarding social distancing in efforts to "flatten the curve" and slow down the spread of Covid-19. Many countries are now prohibiting entry of non-residents and locking down many public spaces like schools, libraries, community centres, and daycares.

Large social gatherings like weddings, workshops, and events are being cancelled and/or postponed worldwide. It's not a surprise if Covid-19 is affecting you.

In this Episode, Quynh and Jessie talk about how Covid-19 is affecting them, how the Covid-19 related policies may affect their relationships with their vendors and/or clients, and the issues that may have to be addressed as a result.


Here are a few links to some resources to help you navigate through some of these issues:

HoneyBook: https://www.honeybook.com/risingtide/coronavirus-small-businesses

Wedding Industry Institute: http://www.weddingindustryeducation.com/coronavirusinformation/


Small Business Guidance and & Loan Resources from Darice:


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