Episode 44 - Transforming Your Paper Flower Passion into a Business

Season #2

Today we talk about our passion project for the last few months - Paper to Profits

When we returned from the Masterclass in Monroe, Washington last year, we met so many incredibly talented paper florists who were hungry for more information on how to transform their hobby into a viable business and build it to last.

So for a year, we mulled over how to deliver the content we knew so well. As female paper florist entrepreneurs with a wide variety of experiences, we have so much experience and skills to pass on to our students and to mentor them, but how? 

And then the Covid-19 pandemic happened and many people lost their jobs or their positions became precarious. We began to reflect on the priorities of our lives and realized that life is too short to live it working in a job that we had no passion for.

So it became clear to us that this was the perfect time to offer a Program that could help our students become their own entrepreneurs, to be their own boss, and to help them live their dream.

We have designed Paper for Profits as a program for people who want to earn a living from paper flowers. It guides them through the beginning steps of forming their business to setting up their bookkeeping to managing their customer relationships. We made sure to share an extensive catalogue of resources, templates, and checklists that we personally use in our own businesses. These tried and true systems will help propel a paper flower hobbyist to turn their passion into a thriving creative business.

Listen to us as we talk about this passion project and what we want all paper florists to learn so they can earn a living making paper flowers.

The launch date for Paper to Profits is May 1st! You can sign up for our newsletter at www.thepaperflorists.org to be the first to know about it. For all of our previous students, we will have a deal for you so make sure you check your Inbox!


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