Episode 48 - Selling, Teaching & Buying: Intellectual Property Considerations

Season #2

In this episode, we address some of the concerns that Quynh has about her collaboration with artists for The Posey Box and the issue of intellectual ownership. We both offer online courses for purchase, and we teach workshops on a regular basis.

As teachers, we want to ensure that we provide high-quality content - from instructions to templates - to all of our students. If you buy a course from us or learn from us at a paid workshop, it’s more than a business transaction for us; it’s a student-teacher relationship. But there’s also the possibility that someone may take our hard work and re-sell it or re-teach it for a profit.

We have also been students; as students, we are interested in learning new skills and techniques and are willing to pay for it. However, it’s always unclear what you can do with the intellectual property you’ve then acquired. What can we do with the skills and techniques learned, or the templates, or the paper flower? Then there’s the approach that as consumers, once we pay for something, it’s ours to do as we wish.

We discuss all of these issues in this Episode. Consider our discussions on an informal discussion between two friends. We recommend you contact an intellectual property lawyer for legal advice.

> You may hear our intern, Cillian, in the background at some point in our discussion. It seems like he already has strong opinions about the matter!


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