Episode 61: How to Be Part of the Paper Florists Member Directory with Quynh & Jessie

Season #2

Hey, Paper Florists!

Do you want to spend more time on your craft and less time chasing down clients? Or are you a vendor who needs to reach more paper florists?  

Well, look no further. Quynh and Jessie talked about this project in Episode 57, and now it's live. The Paper Florists Member Directory is finally here!  When you sign up as a Member, you’ll be listed in our worldwide directory, the first of its kind for paper florists and vendors. With just a few clicks, potential clients can connect with you like never before. We’re talking commercial businesses, photographers, fresh florists, event planners, and more. 


We’ll do the heavy lifting with advertising, spreading the word on influential podcasts and blogs like Botanical Brouhaha


All you have to do is sign up at thepaperflorists.org and pay a small annual fee —only $4.08 a month! The same as that fancy latte you love. And it goes to maintaining the tech-related stuff for the Directory. All of our past and present students will be a part of this Directory for free. 

Set up your profile with a few clicks and let the clients come to you! 


...OR maybe you're a Customer

like a florist, a photographer, an owner of a retail store, and you're looking to work with and hire a paper florist for a project or client. How do you find the perfect paper florists for your wedding? Or your window display? What if you have a client with a very specific vision for their event, which includes pink peonies in December?  

An internet search can only get you so far. What you need is the Paper Florists Member Directory. We’ve gathered paper florist profiles from all over the world and created an easy-to-use, searchable directory. Find exactly what you need with just a few clicks. 


Searching the directory is completely free. All you have to do is sign up at www.thepaperflorists.org/directory to start. 



Sign up here


Search the Directory here


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