Episode 76 - Paper Flower Business Goals for the New Year

Season #3

Two professional paper florists share their artistic and business goals for 2021 and give insight into how you can improve yourself this coming new year.

The last year threw us all for a loop. Like us, you probably had to cancel plans and restructure your goals for your paper flower business. 

So what will 2021 bring? 

We have hope that things on the Covid front will improve enough to gain back some semblance of normality, but one of the biggest lessons we learned from 2020 is to be flexible. With that in mind, in our latest episode of Paper Talk we chatted about what we want to achieve this coming year and how we plan to do it among such uncertainty. 

This post will help you feel ready for this year because you’ll be inspired by goals that will help any paper florist improve their artistry and business.


Learn to Say No

When you’re building a small business, it’s difficult to turn down work. We don’t all have the luxury to do so, either. But if you’re in the lucky position of being able to be choosy about your projects, say no to paper flower jobs you’re not passionate about. 

Jessie said this about saying no to commissioned work:


"This year, what I’m hoping for is to have my deadlines under my own control. So I’m hoping to be able to make art for myself and make a collection of some sort where I can really express myself. As much as I love commissions, it’s not really about expressing you. Part of it is, but there’s certain requirements, and you don’t really get to go free for all in terms of exactly what you want." - Jessie


You need your paper flower business to make money, but don’t lose sight of the artistry that drove you to become a paper florist in the first place.

We all have obligations outside of paper flowers. Make the most of your limited time to focus on what will bring you the most joy.


Give Yourself Time and Grace

If you know Quynh, you know that she works a lot. A LOT, a lot. When her husband took two weeks off in December, she was still planning on getting work done. She has plans to revamp The Posey Box, and there were certain things she wanted to complete before the new year. 

She didn’t get everything done—and that’s okay. 

Author Nora Roberts touched on this subject once. When asked about balancing time between writing and family, she compared it to juggling. The key to success? Knowing which balls are plastic and which are glass. If you drop a glass ball, it will shatter. A plastic one will simply bounce, and you can pick it up later. 

As paper florists and entrepreneurs, we have to figure out what absolutely needs to be focused on right now (the glass balls), and which ones can wait (the plastic). In December, Quynh dropped some of the plastic Posey Box balls, but that’s okay. They’ll be waiting for her when she’s ready to pick them up. 

Be forgiving of yourself when you need more time and don’t worry if you can’t get it all done at once. No one can.


Serve the Paper Flower Community

If you’ve spent any time at all with Paper Talk, you probably already know why we started our Facebook group, our podcast, workshops, online courses, and more. We are passionate about helping the paper flower community share, connect, and grow together.

That continues to be one of our biggest goals for 2021, and it should be one of yours, as well. When we build each other up, all of us become better artists and more successful entrepreneurs. 


"The business side is always the hard part for creatives, because our brains are not there… There are so many hats you have to wear, from being a marketing person, a bookkeeper, the customer rep for your business. There are so many pieces you have to think about. And we’re hoping Paper to Profit gives you a checklist of things you need to go through and think about." - Quynh


This year still has some uncertainty thanks to Covid, but we will definitely be opening back up our Paper to Profits online course sometime soon. We also hope to start meeting up in person again! If all goes well, we plan to host a retreat at Holly Chapple’s flower farm in Virginia. It will be the perfect opportunity for us to gather, share knowledge, and build friendships as paper florists. 


To hear even more about our plans for the coming year, listen to our latest episode of Paper Talk. Here’s what you’ll hear when you listen to our conversation:

  • More of what you should be focusing on in 2021.

  • The rest of our artistic and business goals for the new year.

  • Why we chose our goals and how we plan to achieve them.

  • What will be added to Paper to Profits this year. 

  • What we’re watching to stay sane right now.


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