Episode 79 - The Best Kai Scissors for Paper Flowers with Devin Head Kai Scissors

Season #3

Learn which scissors Devin Head recommends for paper flower making and how you can best care for them so that they live a long and sharp life. 


Could you make a paper flower without scissors? 


For paper florists like us, the thought is quite terrifying. Imagine a peony without the distinctively shaped petal edges, or making flower centers without fringe. Our craft requires precise cuts, and that means our scissors need to be top notch to do the job correctly. We cut out thousands of petals and leaves. Our tools should be up to the task.

 That’s why our latest episode of Paper Talk was all about scissors! Some of our favorite scissors in the world come from a Japanese company called Kai. They are super sharp, easy to grip, and last ages. We chatted with Devin Head, Kai’s Regional Sales Manager located in Washington state, about which scissors he recommends for paper florists and how to best care for them. 

 If you don’t have specialized scissors for various jobs, you are making your art so much more difficult than it needs to be. As Devin said,


“That’s the conversation we have…when I’m at a street show talking to a husband and he’s like, ‘How many scissors do you need?’ Well, there’s a job for each one.


You don’t have make-do any longer.


Here’s our definitive guide of Kai Scissors for paper florists:


Essential Scissors for Any Job

These three scissors will cover almost any job you come across as a paper florist. Quynh uses and loves these three, and even included them in her Holiday Posey Boxes and Starter Box, plus you can get her favorite set in her store. Put these on your crafting table, and you’ll be set to tackle almost any paper flower. 

 The Kai 5210 is 8 inches and perfect for most general cutting. They’ll cut through any crepe, and since they’re a bit longer, they’ll do it quickly. 

 The Kai 5135 is 5 ½ inches long and great for detailed work. Use these for fringe, the edges of petals, and any cuts that are close together. 

The Kai 5100 is 4 inches and has a sharp, small tip for extremely detailed work and difficult to reach places. You won’t use this one as often as the other two, but when you need it, you really need it. 


Curved Scissors for Tight Spots

As the name implies, these scissors are curved to help you reach tight spots without damaging your work. Here’s what Quynh had to say about using them:

“They’re really great for getting into those small details when you’re creating those petals with the ruffled edge… What I do is I take those curved scissors and I make little swoops inside the petals and then you can ruffle them even more, and you get into those really tiny little corners.”

The Kai 5100c is 4 inches long like its similarly named cousin above. However, the 5100c has a slight curve at its tip. Because our work is three-dimensional, we sometimes have to cut around and between curves. You can imagine how a scissor that works with that instead of against it is so ingenious.

The Kai 5130 is 5 inches and adds even more curve to the equation. Both the tip and the handle are curved, giving this pair of scissors even more maneuverability for getting into tough to reach spaces.


Multi-Purpose Scissors 

Because our craft involves wires so often, we asked Devin if Kai manufactured wire cutters, and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that they do have a multi-purpose scissor with a cutout for wire cutting. 

The Kai 5160 is 6 inches long and has a serrated edge. For paper florists, the little notch that helps cut small wires quickly is a fantastic bonus.

We chatted even more about Kai’s history, its lineup of scissors, and very importantly, how to care for scissors so that they have a long and sharp life. Listen to our latest episode of Paper Talk to hear all of Devin’s great advice. 


Here’s what you’ll hear when you listen to our conversation:

  • How Kai Scissors are made.

  • When and how you should sharpen your scissors.

  • How to best store your scissors.

  • How to contact Devin if you have suggestions for paper scissors.


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