Episode 84 - What We Love About Clubhouse

Season #3

Learn why you should be on Clubhouse and how you can connect with us for our weekly meeting.  

Have you heard about Clubhouse? 


It’s an app that lets you gather together in virtual rooms to have audio-only conversations. Think somewhere between Zoom, Whatsapp, and old-fashioned phone calls. The app hasn’t been around that long, so don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with it. We’ve been exploring Clubhouse and chatted all about in our latest episode of Paper Talk.

You can hear all of the ins and outs of how the app works, You won’t want to miss out on all of the helpful things she shared in the podcast, but for now, here are some ideas to inspire your experimentation on your paper flower journey. 


Focus on Listening

In the episode, Jessie pointed out how many visual cues we rely on during face-to-face conversations. You can pick up on some of these on Zoom, but if you’ve ever been to a video conference, you know that lag times and bad lighting, and tiny screens can make it easy to miss those cues. It’s easy to end up talking over each other and then having everything screech to a standstill while you figure out whose turn it is to speak.

 But we don’t really do that with phone conversations. When we’re focused on one sense only—listening—we do a lot better in letting the conversation flow naturally. And that’s how Clubhouse feels.

Without visual cues or distractions, you’re really forced to listen to whoever is talking. That’s all you’re doing. You really get to delve into people’s thoughts more. You’re forced to concentrate on their words alone. As Jessie said, “This app is about listening to other people.” Simply and well put.


More Intimate Conversations

One thing that popped up in our podcast episode several times is just how intimate Clubhouse feels. Even if you’re in a big room with lots of other users, the conversation flows so well (because of what we mentioned above). 

There’s also something really personable about hearing another person’s voice. You pick up on their inflection and the more nuanced meaning behind things than if you only read their words. 

 In the podcast, we talked more about why this intimate set-up makes such a difference for the level of civility, as well. Give it a listen to learn why you don’t have to worry about internet bullies, or if they do show up, how you can easily report and avoid them.


Connect with Other Paper Florists

Clubhouse rooms cover almost every topic imaginable, which is fantastic for making connections both in and out of our industry. As we covered in the episode, we’ve been able to chat with people we’ve never imagined being able to hold a conversation with before. That level of intimacy that Clubhouse builds is really amazing compared to other social media platforms. 

We’re particularly excited to start a weekly gathering of paper florists (or any craft or paper enthusiasts who want to join). There are so many amazing people in our community who we haven’t been able to meet in person. While we’re still holding out hope for that in the near future, we want to hear your voices and have those more personal conversations with you.  

Listen to the podcast to hear how you can get invited to Clubhouse and how to join us.


Here’s what you’ll hear when you listen to our conversation:

  • How Clubhouse works and how to learn more about it.

  • Why you will benefit from using it.

  • How to get invited by us (because it is invite only).

  • How Clubhouse differs from Zoom, phone calls, or other social media.

  • Why you won’t have to deal with internet bullies on Clubhouse.


Join our weekly meeting on Clubhouse on Thursdays at 7pm PST/10pm EST! Also, join our Facebook group where you can share, connect, and grow with us. Please also consider supporting us on Patreon for even more great content like this. Thank you for listening!


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