Episode 86 - How we’re revamping Paper to Profits

Season #3

We’ve brought in the amazing Christina Shay to help us update Paper to Profits to be easier for students to use and complete. Learn all about it in our latest episode.  


Do you have a to-do list a mile long? Feel like you’ll never get through it all?


We’ll be honest: we’ve felt completely overwhelmed many, many times. You may think we’ve got our crap together, but we don’t always. 

That’s one reason why we brought on Christina Shay to our Paper Talk team. She is an integrator who oversees our brands and helps us keep the big picture in mind. We chatted with her in our latest episode of Paper Talk about her journey from the corporate world to focusing on small businesses, plus our extensive revamps of Paper to Profits. 

You can listen to the episode to hear all about Christina’s work with small businesses and what she sees as their biggest challenges. You’ll also want to hear all about our amazing changes to Paper to Profits, but we’ll give you a little peek here:

Softer Tone

As we’ve mentioned before, Jessie practiced law and Quynh has a background in business, marketing, and finance. This means that we have a wealth of information to pass on to other entrepreneurs, but we can also get caught up in business speak and legalese. If you don’t have a similar background, it might be difficult to follow some of the jargon. 

Thanks to Christina’s work launching other creative business courses, she’s helped us soften some of this specialized language to make it more accessible to a wider audience. Christina herself has an educational and work background in business, but she has a keen eye for spotting areas with a stiff tone you’d probably encounter in a college course, not a class for artists. She’s been invaluable by shaping Paper to Profits into something a creative business owner of any background can benefit from.

We want our high value content to reach and help as many of you as possible, and a softened tone will help more people understand and get through our course.



Last year we included a one-on-one mentorship session at the end of our inaugural Paper to Profits course. We wanted to help our students on an individual level with whatever was holding them back or giving them problems. 

What we found, though, was that not everyone made it to the end of the course to get to that mentorship piece. Life happens. We’re all busy. We know that. So to help keep students on track, we’re shifting that mentorship piece and breaking it up over the entire length of the class. 

We’ll meet together as a group after each section to discuss what was covered, problem solve together, and keep one another accountable. This means that you’ll have a deadline to finish a chapter. 

If that sounds overwhelming, keep in mind that you can always go back to review content—and know that this will help you actually finish the course! Think about projects you’ve started that didn’t have a deadline. Did they get shoved to the back burner whenever something else came along? Are they still sitting unfinished in the closet collecting dust, either metaphorically or literally? Your business matters. It deserves some attention. Our Mastermind sessions will make you accountable to yourself.


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