Episode 89 - How We’ve Updated Paper to Profits

Season #3

 We’ve made some big changes to our online course that will make it even easier to successfully build your creative small business. 

Can you build a successful business when you’re an artist at heart?

Yes! We know you can! You can learn to be an entrepreneur. You can love your job. You can have the right tools.

 How? With Paper to Profits. We’ve put together all of our knowledge about building creative small businesses and made it easy for you to be successful from the very beginning of your business journey. 

 In this latest episode of Paper Talk we talked about the big changes we’ve made to our online course and why you will benefit from it. Listen to the episode to get a sneak peek into the kind of content you can expect from Paper to Profits, plus how to apply for a scholarship.


If you can’t listen right away, here’s a rundown of the changes we’ve implemented—because we’ve had so many questions about what Paper to Profits will look like when the doors open in May.


Learn more efficiently

You won’t find anything else like Paper to Profits out there. We both have six plus years of experience building paper flower businesses, plus backgrounds building other businesses and educational experience in law, finance, and business. And we’ve packaged all of this in one place specific for creative business owners. 

You will save an incredible amount of time by having this info all together and by avoiding issues before they creep up on you unexpectedly.

As Jessie said,


“You can’t Google what you don’t know.” 


Our students last year loved the amount of information they gleaned. That said, it is a lot to take in. We get it. Staring at a computer screen and learning about taxes is not most people’s cup of tea. To make it even easier for you to learn efficiently, we’ve made Paper to Profits more visual and accessible. Our artform is visual, so we understand that taking in a bunch of text is not always easy. Now you can learn easier than ever.


Be accountable and finish

Last year some of our students struggled to finish the course. They didn’t reach the end in time to schedule their mentorship session with us. We loved meeting with our students and troubleshooting problems together. So this go around, we asked ourselves, how can we help more people get through the information and get their business running in high gear sooner?

We decided to scrap the mentorship session at the end and build in accountability throughout Paper to Profits. You’ll have assignments to finish during each chapter, and you’ll submit any questions you have about the section by a certain date. Then we will meet in Mastermind groups to address questions and learn from each other. 

We’re giving you manageable, small deadlines along the way instead of one big one at the end. These will keep you on track and make it easier to finish the course—and ultimately build your business more successfully.


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