Episode 109 - Over Coffee: Creating Digital Evergreen Content

Season #4

Jessie and Quynh discuss how to create and promote digital evergreen content that will bring in a steady stream of passive income.


Imagine this: you create a paper flower template, you put it up for sale online, and without any further work from you, it brings in a steady stream of income. 


You can do exactly this with digital evergreen products. 

On our latest episode of Paper Talk we chatted about how you can make passive income from your digital content. Now, you can’t just post a template and expect the sales to roll in. As we discussed on the podcast, there is work that has to be done to cultivate your business and your online presence in order to leverage evergreen content. But with some planning, your paper flower business can bring in steady money from products that you’re not actively promoting.

Listen to the episode to get inspired and start producing successful evergreen content. If you can’t listen right away, here are three reasons why you should expand your horizons and start producing evergreen digital content.


Here’s what you’ll learn when you listen to our conversation:
► Ideas for creating evergreen content.
► Which digital products you should invest time cultivating.
► How to leverage social media for evergreen content.
► Repackaging content in different ways to promote sales with less work.

Spend Less Time Making Products

The beauty of digital content is that you don’t have to invest time in making products over and over again. With physical items, each paper flower you create needs to be handmade by you. Evergreen digital content doesn’t require you to put in a big chunk of time for every single sale you make. 


“You’ll find that as you grow your following, and people subscribe to your newsletters and they know more and more about your products, they’ll buy one. And then they’ll buy two. I call it a reliable source of income because I know that every month X amount of money will come from my online courses.” - Jessie


For example, an online course takes time to plan, film, edit, and promote, but then you’re done. You may spend a bit of time advertising here and there, but nothing compared to creating something from scratch. And as Jessie in the episode, “You only have so many hours in the day. As we get older, it’s harder to make things over and over again.”

Listen to the podcast to learn which digital products you should put that upfront investment of time into.


Tie-Up Less Money

An evergreen product is something that doesn’t need continual input from you. That includes monetary input. Instead of buying materials upfront for each order, you only have to invest once—and even then, there are evergreen products that require very little upfront investment.

In this episode, we discussed how to broaden your product offerings with things like print-on-demand items, and we also talked about creating new content from old. As Quynh said, “If you’ve been in business for a couple of years now, you’ve got a lot of content. Look back on your history.” You’ll want to listen to our discussion for all of the details on how to leverage that content.

For now, know that good evergreen content will bring in more money over time than you put into it upfront.


Save Inventory Space

Digital content lives on the internet instead of taking up space in your closet or on your kitchen table—we know how a big paper flower project takes over the house! When you can bring in a steady stream of passive income from digital items, you can focus on the physical projects you really care about.


“If you’ve been in business for a couple years now, you’ve got a lot of content. Look back on your history.” - Quynh


We’re not trying to convince anyone to give up making paper flowers. We certainly haven’t! But we do want to encourage paper florists to look for other revenue streams that won’t take up time, money, or space in their already crowded lives. 


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