Episode 130 - Over Coffee: Why It Can Be Good to Shift Direction

Season #5

We wrap up our season about finding your why as a paper florist. Learn why it can be beneficial to shift your artistic and business direction as you hone in on what matters to you.

Making changes is difficult, but necessary. Shifting direction can help you uncover your why and get closer to what will bring you true joy.

In our latest episode of Paper Talk, we wrapped up Season 5 by talking about how our whys have shifted and how we made changes accordingly. You don’t have to keep doing the same thing out of obligation or because you think it will get better with time. Even small tweaks here and there can make a world of difference. If you never change, you’ll never discover something new that could get you closer to your why.

If you’re still struggling to hone in on what exactly it is that draws you to paper flowers, spend some time with our Why Worksheet and listen to the episode for tips about making those difficult changes.


Here’s what you’ll learn when you listen to our conversation:

► How our whys have shifted over time and why that’s a good thing.
► Even more about what you can do to find your why, if you haven’t yet.
► How to focus your work to find joy and avoid burnout. 
► Recommended listening and reading for finding your artistic vision.


If you can’t listen right away, know that you’re not alone in struggling to figure this all out! You will get to your why, and these three tips will help. 

Break Out of Imposter Syndrome

You may look at other established paper florists and think they have it all figured out. We bet that’s not true. Even after spending a lot of time and energy to uncover what makes her happy, Quynh shared on the episode about how she’s still struggling to figure out which direction to go.

“It’s so hard when…you go around in this eternal circle asking yourself, ‘Am I doing the right thing?’ And imposter syndrome comes up because you’re circling back and forth. And I’ve been in that place before, and sometimes you just need to stop and you need to work really hard to get out of that cycle.” -Quynh Nguyen

Most of us will feel imposter syndrome at some point. If you get caught up on “I shouldn’t be here; I don’t deserve this,” then you’ll never get to your why. 

Stopping those thoughts is easier said than done, but you can listen to Episode 80 about Overcoming Imposter Syndrome for even more help.

Talk to a Friend or Mentor

Talking through your struggle is a vital part of this journey! That’s one reason why we started Paper Talk. We wanted to share what we’re going through with you because it’s beneficial for everyone to hear about these difficulties.

We have also relied heavily on mentors to guide us as we make changes to our businesses. Their advice is invaluable. You really can’t fake experience, but a mentor can offer a bit of theirs to help you along.

You might not be in a position to find or pay for a mentor, but you can find someone who can listen. Your partner or spouse or sibling might not fully understand the world of paper flowers. That’s okay! Sometimes simply saying things out loud can help you find clarity.

Know Your Why Is Waiting

You might not yet recognize your why, but it’s there. On the podcast, we talked about some of the guests we’ve had on over the years and how their focus has changed over time.

“Three years ago [our podcast guests] would have had no idea they would go in this direction, and yet it is to some extent consistent with their core why. It’s just their why is manifesting itself in different ways.” -Jessie Chui 

Some of those guests knew what their why was three years ago. Some didn’t, but it was still there. There is a reason you are drawn to paper flowers. You just need to narrow down what exactly it is so that you can pursue it. Listen to the episode to hear even more about how to uncover what it is about the various aspects of being a paper florist that brings you joy. 

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