Episode 131 - Season 6 Preview: Back to Basics

Season #5

Season 6 will get back to the basics of our craft. We’ll debate the best tools, materials, and techniques to use when making paper flowers.


 At the end of the day, we’re here because of paper flowers. 

On this podcast, we’ve talked about a wide variety of subjects to support paper florists on their journeys. For Season 6, we’re getting back to the heart of the matter: the actual paper flowers! 

 In our latest episode of Paper Talk, we gave a sneak peek at what we’ll be discussing in Season 6. What we’re most excited about is getting more opinions from people like you! We want to know which tools and materials you prefer and why. We want guests who disagree with us. As Jessie explained: 


“It’s going to be a really interesting season. We’re used to using what we like, using what we’ve always used. But there’s so many other ways of making paper flowers, and so many other situations as well.” -Jessie Chui


Be sure to join our Facebook group where we’ll be posting polls about which techniques and materials you prefer, and please email us at [email protected] if there is a topic you are super passionate about. We’d love to have you on the podcast as a guest!


Here’s what you’ll learn when you listen to our conversation:

► Some of the topics we’ll discuss in Season 6.

► Why the variety of opinions we include on the podcast is so valuable.

► How to build a creative business that’s manageable.

► Why it’s okay to make your own rules for marketing.


To get you started thinking about your opinions, here’s a peek at some of the topics we discussed on the episode. 


Which Crepe Paper Is Best?

Back in the day when we got started in the paper flower world, crepe options were limited. Now crepe paper is more available and more varied than ever before. 

Do you prefer Italian or German? Do you love Chinese crepe? Which weights do you go back to over and over again, and why?

We already know our answers to these questions, but we want to learn from you! There aren’t right or wrong answers.  


Which Glue Should I Use?

Jessie shared in the episode about her experience using three different types of Aleene’s Tacky Glue at her recent workshop. One of the attendees had poor eyesight and couldn’t see where she was applying the clear glue. 

This is the sort of situation that we hadn’t thought about before. This is why we want to have more guests on the podcast to share their experiences and preferences. 

Again, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer here. We want to bring you as much information as possible so that you can make the right choice for you.


“One of things that we really love about our platform is that we’re very sharing. We want to share as many tips and advice as possible to grow you as an artist, to expand your tools and knowledge for how to make better paper flowers.” -Quynh Nguyen


Which Camera Should I Buy? 

When it comes to sharing images of your paper flowers, there are a ton of options. Many of us start out snapping pics with our phones, which is great. Some photos are better than no photos. 

But if you’re looking to up your picture game, investing in a professional camera is something that many paper florists do. Your creations are beautiful; you want to showcase them in the best light possible.

For those of you who have taken that step, do you love your camera? Do you swear by Nikon? Are you Canon all the way? Email us if you’re passionate about your camera!

(For tips on photographing your products, check out our archives! Episode 60 with Caroline Tran is a great place to start.) 


We’ll cover all of this and more in Season 6 of Paper Talk, so stay tuned! Start chatting with us now on our Facebook group. Please also consider donating on our website to help us keep producing great content like Season 6. Thank you for your support!



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