Episode 133: An Exclusive Interview with German Crepe Paper Manufacturer Werola

Season #6

Title: Episode 133: An Exclusive Interview with German Crepe Paper Manufacturer Werola

Welcome back to Paper Talk Podcast, Season 6! We’re so excited to be back with more of the best in the world of paper flowers and creative small businesses.

In this highly anticipated episode, we dove into the vibrant world of crepe paper with an exclusive interview featuring Bernd Firmbach, the Vice President of the German crepe paper division Werola at Seaman Paper. This was such an incredibly rare opportunity, and you won’t want to miss a moment of our conversation. Join us as we explore the production process, sustainability initiatives, and the future of German crepe paper. This episode is a must-listen for paper florists and enthusiasts seeking to discover new insights to unleash their creative potential.

Here’s a peek at what you’ll hear when you listen.

Why Is Each Sheet of German Crepe So Unique?

Bernd took us behind the scenes at Werola, where the art of transforming jumbo rolls of paper into exquisite crepe paper comes to life. Dyeing, dipping, cutting, and rolling are just a few of the intricate techniques employed by their skilled artisans. Bernd emphasized the importance of quality control and revealed how the manual nature of their production leads to the fascinating variations in color and texture that make each sheet of Werola's crepe paper unique. 

If you’ve used German crepe paper before, you know firsthand how beautiful and unique it can be! You won’t want to miss the details of what goes on behind the scenes to create this favorite paper. 

How Sustainable and Safe Is German Crepe Paper?

At Werola, environmental sustainability is a core value, making German crepe paper a wonderful choice for paper florists who want their art to have a positive impact on the world. In the episode, Bernd discussed Werola’s conscientious efforts to conserve water, recycle dyes, and prioritize the use of recycled paper whenever feasible. Listen to hear how these efforts are part of the reason why German crepe paper has those variations in color discussed above.

Bernd also addressed common concerns regarding the safety of crepe paper. You can get the full rundown by listening, but know that Werola conducts rigorous tests to ensure their crepe paper meets strict safety standards. Their products are free from harmful substances, further exemplifying Werola's commitment to consumer well-being.

Any Exciting Product Developments on the Horizon? 

Bernd shared about exciting collaborations and emphasized the growing demand for certain colors from our paper flower community. With a keen eye for artistic styles and cultural preferences, Werola's team continuously explores new color options. Listeners will be thrilled to learn about the potential for expanded color ranges and even larger folds of crepe paper, allowing for endless possibilities in our creative endeavors. Be sure to listen for details about which colors and products they are planning to add.

Bernd also acknowledged that Werola is keen to improve market accessibility, responding to feedback from the artistic community. Listeners who yearn to find Werola's exceptional crepe paper in local stores will be delighted to learn that the company is actively working to expand sales distribution and forge new connections to better serve artists and crafters worldwide.

What You’ll Learn When You Listen to Episode 133

  • The intricate production process behind Werola's crepe paper
  • Werola's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility
  • The safety of Werola's crepe paper for contact and ingestion
  • Exciting collaborations and expanding color options
  • Werola's plans for enhanced market accessibility

We collaborated with Werola to bring two lucky winners a packet of German crepe paper featuring ten beautiful colors. All you have to do is answer our poll questions by August 3 to enter.

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This exclusive interview with Bernd Firmbach of Werola unraveled the captivating world of German crepe paper. We would love to see what you have done with this incredible paper! Tag us on Instagram with @papertalkpodcast and let us know what you want to explore in future episodes. 

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