Episode 142: Elevating Your Wedding Business with Tri-Mastermind

Season #6

Welcome back to the Paper Talk Podcast! We're thrilled to have you join us for Episode 142, where we'll dive into the exciting world of creative businesses and introduce you to an incredible opportunity for wedding entrepreneurs - the Tri-Mastermind.

In this episode, we're all about empowering creative entrepreneurs, especially those in the wedding industry. Our aim is to inspire and guide you towards achieving new heights in your business journey. We're excited to share a transformative program that can play a pivotal role in your success - the Tri-Mastermind

Here’s what you’ll learn when you listen:

  • Hear our personal experiences as creative entrepreneurs and how they've shaped our journey.
  • Learn how the Tri-Mastermind program can transform your wedding business.
  • Explore the benefits of joining a guided group of like-minded professionals.
  • Find out how the Tri-Mastermind fosters genuine connections and lasting relationships.
  • Uncover the key curriculum highlights, from website design to branding and beyond.
  • Meet the expert instructors who will guide you through this transformative journey.

Be sure to listen to the full episode to learn all about this exciting opportunity. In the meantime, here are some details to get you started. 

The World of Creative Entrepreneurship

Creative entrepreneurship is a thriving realm filled with endless possibilities. Whether you're a paper artist, a wedding planner, or a floral designer, this industry offers a unique canvas for your talents. 

This unique program offers a collaborative and structured environment where you'll receive guidance, insights, and expertise from three industry leaders: Rebecca Grant, Alicia Schwede, and Paper Talk Podcast’s very own Quynh Nguyen. As they shared on the podcast, they know the joys and challenges of this journey. Their experiences have shaped their understanding of the industry and the need for a supportive community. Hear from them directly by listening to the episode!

  • Rebecca Grant: A renowned wedding planner and industry leader, Rebecca brings expertise in organization, relationships, boundaries, and sustainable growth.
  • Quynh Nguyen: An expert in paper floral design, course building, marketing, and social media, Quynh empowers you to leverage modern strategies for business success.
  • Alicia Schwede: With a background in floral design, blogging, and education, Alicia shares insights on website auditing, photography, blogging, and building SEO.

While this world is full of opportunities, it also comes with its fair share of challenges. From fierce competition to the ever-evolving demands of clients, navigating this industry isn't always a piece of cake. The Tri-Mastermind program can help you turn challenges into stepping stones.

The Tri-Mastermind Experience

Now, let's talk about the Tri-Mastermind - a game-changer for established wedding entrepreneurs who are ready to scale higher and grow their teams and businesses. Here's what you need to know:

  • Ideal Student: If you're an established wedding entrepreneur with a six-figure income and you're looking to soar to new heights, the Tri-Mastermind is designed just for you.
  • Duration: The program runs from January 2024 to June 2024, offering a structured and focused journey for your business.
  • Frequency: Get ready for bi-weekly meetings that tackle specific topics, ensuring every interaction counts.

Now, you might be wondering, "What makes the Tri-Mastermind stand out?" Here's what sets this program apart:

Guided Group: We understand that your time is precious. Tri-Mastermind offers guided discussions, actionable insights, and focused sessions that directly contribute to your success. No fluff, just results.

Building Relationships: We're more than just a group. We're a community of like-minded professionals who are invested in each other's growth. The connections you make here could last a lifetime and take your business to new heights.

Value of Investment: We know that genuine growth requires investment, both in yourself and your business. The financial commitment ensures you receive maximum value and tangible results.

Shared Wisdom: While our expert instructors bring their insights, this is a platform where everyone contributes. Your experiences, best practices, and advice add to the collective wisdom of the group, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.

Legitimate Value: We prioritize genuine value over unnecessary extras. Direct access to the minds in this group could lead to groundbreaking ideas and lucrative opportunities.

Positive Atmosphere: Leave the drama and negativity behind. The Tri-Mastermind is a space to uplift each other, learn, and support. It's all about fostering a positive and encouraging environment.

Join the Tri-Mastermind

We highly recommend listening to the episode to get a better idea of what Tri-Mastermind entails. If you’re ready to elevate your wedding business and connect with a network of driven professionals, don't miss out on this transformative opportunity. The group will start meeting in January, so sign up now. It's time to invest in your success.

[Click here to learn more!]

Have questions? Reach out to the team to discuss how the Tri-Mastermind can accelerate your wedding business's success.

“Our goal is to really bring a creative community together, to be able to learn from our failures and our successes, to be able to prevent people from having the same pitfalls that we had as we were building our businesses, which is important." - Rebecca Grant

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