Episode 149: A Panel Discussion on Book Publishing for Paper Artists

Season #6

Welcome to the vibrant world of PaperTalk Podcast, where creativity blooms, and artistic journeys unfold. In this episode, we invite you to join us on an illuminating exploration into the realm of paper artistry and book publishing. Join Quynh and Sara, alongside artists Jessie Chui, Anna Chedid, Lucia Balcazar, Susan Beech, and Eileen Lim. 

Through engaging conversations with our guests, we uncover a tapestry of insights, experiences, and invaluable advice. Prepare to be inspired as we delve into the passion-driven endeavors of our guests and glean firsthand knowledge from our publishing endeavors.

Here’s what you’ll learn when you listen:

  • Diverse Artistic Approaches: Gain insights into our diverse approaches to our craft, influenced by personal lives, studio setups, and time management.
  • Book Publishing Experiences: Explore our experiences in publishing books, including challenges, differences in processes, and the excitement of seeing book covers.
  • Transitioning Between Art Forms: Learn how artists, like Jessie, transition between different art forms, exploring new dimensions of creativity.
  • Navigating Opportunities: Discover strategies for seizing opportunities, managing time effectively, and learning to say 'no' when needed.
  • Tips for Aspiring Artists and Authors: Receive valuable tips for aspiring artists and authors, covering topics like self-publishing, unique selling points, and building a strong online presence.

Tune in to hear all of this and more. Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover: 

Entrepreneurial Growth: Embracing Change and Innovation

The journey of artistic growth is a perpetual quest for knowledge and refinement. In the episode, our panelists emphasize the importance of continuous learning and receptivity to feedback in honing one's craft. Quynh's experience of working with an external editor sheds light on the value of seeking external perspectives to enhance the quality of creative output. Anna's advice to "do what makes you happy" underscores the intrinsic link between passion and artistic fulfillment, urging aspiring artists to stay true to their creative vision while embracing opportunities for growth and learning.

Creativity and entrepreneurship often go hand in hand, requiring artists to adapt to evolving trends and seize new opportunities. Jessie's pivot towards image-making and sculpture serves as a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit inherent in artists. By exploring new mediums and avenues for expression, artists can stay relevant in a dynamic artistic landscape. As Jessie emphasizes in the episode, "Put yourself out there, meet different people... you never know what might happen."

Listen to the podcast to hear all about her journey, as well as tips for time management, navigating the balance between personal and entrepreneurial endeavors, and rekindling your passion for paper flowers amidst the many demands of our busy lives.

Embarking on the Publishing Journey: Insights into the World of Book Creation

Venturing into the realm of publishing can be both exhilarating and daunting. Our guests offer valuable advice for aspiring authors, shedding light on the intricacies of the publishing process. From pitching book proposals to finding the right publisher, their experiences provide invaluable guidance for budding authors. As Susan aptly advises, "Leave no stone unturned," emphasizing the importance of perseverance and exploration in securing publishing deals.

In a crowded literary marketplace, identifying and accentuating one's unique selling points is paramount to success. By honing in on your distinct voice and artistic vision, you can carve out a niche for yourself in the competitive publishing landscape. Listen now to hear all about finding your unique place in the book world and more, like how to collaborate effectively with others to enhance the final version of your writing. 

Nurturing Artistic Growth: Cultivating a Thriving Creative Practice

The journey of an artist is marked by constant evolution and adaptation. Our guests share their experiences of embracing change and continuously honing their craft. From Lucia's return to paper flower crafting after a hiatus to Jessie's exploration of new artistic avenues, their stories underscore the importance of flexibility and growth mindset in sustaining a thriving creative practice. 

Collaboration and community play pivotal roles in fostering artistic growth and professional development. In the episode, our panelists emphasize the importance of networking, seeking feedback, and building meaningful relationships within the creative community. Quynh's advice to "start following [publishers] and comment on their photos" exemplifies the proactive approach needed to cultivate connections in the publishing industry. By nurturing a supportive network of peers, aspiring authors and artists can find encouragement, inspiration, and opportunities for collaboration on their creative journey.

"I've talked about it before about putting yourself out there, your face out there, meeting different people because you never know what might happen." -Jessie

In conclusion, our engaging conversation with talented artists and authors on the Paper Talk Podcast offers valuable insights into the multifaceted world of paper artistry and creative entrepreneurship. Through their experiences, we've discovered the importance of embracing change, managing time effectively, and cultivating a supportive network to fuel artistic growth. Whether you're a seasoned artist or an aspiring creator, there's much to learn from the diverse paths and perspectives shared by our guests.

We invite you to listen to the full episode for a deeper dive into their stories and glean inspiration for your own creative journey. Remember, the road to artistic success is often paved with continuous learning, adaptability, and collaboration. As you navigate your path as an artist or entrepreneur, may you find joy in the process and fulfillment in the pursuit of your creative endeavors.

Tune in to the Paper Talk Podcast to explore more fascinating conversations with artists, authors, and innovators shaping the world of paper artistry and beyond. Join us as we celebrate the boundless creativity and passion that enriches our lives and communities.


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