“It was apparent Jessie & Quynh put much thought and effort into organizing all the materials and presentations. They were generous with the knowledge and skills they wanted to share. While the pace was fast, they took the time to walk around to each table. It was a lot of fun to meet people who share the same interest.”

Where friendships were formed.

From April 9th to April 12th in 2019, 18 students, 11 instructors and 2 vendors came together at a beautiful family-owned flower farm, Pine Creek Nursery and Farm, in Monroe, Washington, to connect, share, and elevate the art of all paper florists. Four 4 days, we learned from each other, made new friends, and came away feeling empowered.

Students came from all over the world including the United States, Australia, Japan, and South Korea. Some students were established paper florist entrepreneurs; some made paper flowers as a hobby; and some had very little experience with paper flowers. Regardless of experience, each and every one of us wanted to connect with other like-minded creatives, to talk about the joys of creating, to share common frustrations, to be inspired, and to grow as artists and/or entrepreneurs.

Thank you to all of our peers for attending this first-ever paper florist Masterclass. We are honoured that you spent 4 memorable days with us.

-Q & J

Our tribe.

Our faces say it all! Here is our amazing group of paper florists, florist, photographers, creatives, and sponsors, captured on day 4 by Caroline Tran.

Back: Wendy Middaugh (WJM Paper Floral Designs), Kerry Joyce (Kerry Joyce Art) Elizabeth Carter (Unwilted), Stephanie Loudon (The Pretty Paper Petal), Kelly Grace Gibbons (Paper Floral Co., Natalya Bulaeva (Nabuflor), Jessa Parker (14 Keys Design), Inga Peterson (Inga Ilze Peterson), Amber Bradly (Paper and Bead)

Middle: Rosemary Joaquin (Rosie’s and Lily’s Paper Flowers), Jasmine Sing (Merremade), Jenn Merritt (The House Made of Glitter), Sofia Torres (Bianca Noelle Blooms), Danielle McDermott (Out of My Bloomin Mind), Odali Pichardo (Odevine Creations), Nichole McCausland (Everyday Wreaths), Susan Bonn (Susan Bonn Designs), Aya Yoshimura (Colorful Petals), Dina Wheeler (RMT)

Front: Caroline Tran (Caroline Tran Photography), Alisha Schwede (Flirty Fleurs, Bella Fiori), Margie Keates (The Lovely Ave), Priscilla Park (Sophia and Rose Collective), Quynh Nguyen (Pink and Posey), Jessie Chui (Crafted to Bloom), Mike Benson (Carte Fini), Kelly Lemon (Kelly Lemon Photography)

*A special thank you to Caroline Tran and Kelly Lemon for documenting our Masterclass with their photography.

Our teachers.


All of our instructors were handpicked by Q & J and everyone of them generously offered their time and expertise so our paper flower community could grow and advance our craft. The Keynote Speaker (and Sponsor) was Lia Griffith.

Top: Quynh Nguyen, Pink and Posey; Jessie Chui, Crafted to Bloom; Priscilla Park, Sophia and Rose Collective; Margie Keates, The Lovely Ave

Middle: Kate Alarcón, Cobralily; Caroline Tran, Caroline Tran Photography; Kelly Lemon, Kelly Lemon Photography; Alicia Schwede, Flirty Fleurs

Bottom: Rebecca GrantNew Creations Wedding; Dina Wheeler, RMT; Lia Griffith, Lia Griffith;

Our sponsors.


Our AMAZING sponsors believed in us, believed in our mission, and believed in our community of paper florists. We cannot thank them enough for their contribution, time, and enthusiasm. Both Carte Fini and Design Master demonstrated their products and taught us how to better utilize them.

Lia Griffith | Pacon | Pan PastelDesign Master | Carte Fini

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