“I selfishly wanted a community to geek out about crepe paper flowers and couldn’t find one anywhere.”

“I selfishly wanted a community to geek out about crepe paper flowers and couldn’t find one anywhere.”

Meet your hosts

Meet your hosts

Meet Sara Kim our new cohost for Season 6:

Hello! I'm Sara Kim, the founder and designer behind HandmadeBySaraKim. Although I graduated with a B.A. in violin performance and taught music for ten years, I've always loved channeling my artistic skills in other ways. I’ve lost track of how many handmade gifts I have given over the years! I ventured into making exquisite bridal accessories, and along the way expanded my expertise with self-taught skills such as jewelry making, creating paper and fabric flowers, and handling my own graphic design and photography.

My journey in the wedding industry began with an internship at Utterly Engaged. Over the course of eight years, I worked with numerous bridal boutiques and designed exclusive pieces for BHLDN, Anthropologie's renowned wedding line. 

Once I became a mom, I wanted to concentrate on the art of making paper flowers and decided to shift the focus of my business. My dedication to paper flower artistry has gained recognition from industry leaders such as Michaels, Salvatore Ferragamo, JoAnns, Martha Stewart, and more who have featured my work.

As my hobbies transformed into a fulfilling full-time profession, I've recently discovered solace in the serene world of pottery, a newfound passion that complements my creative journey.


Meet Quynh Nguyen: 

If you’ve been following me, you know that I’ve worked hard to make The Paper Florists Collective—now called Paper Talk—an inclusive and encouraging place for paper florists to share, connect, and grow along our journeys in the paper flower industry. What you might not know is how it came to be.

<To answer that question, we have to go back to 2017. I selfishly wanted a community to geek out about crepe paper flowers and couldn’t find one anywhere. I saw Facebook groups for cardstock and other paper media, but none specifically for crepe paper creations. I had so many questions about crepe paper. Where was everyone sourcing their papers from? What was their process in creating a paper flower? I wanted to see people’s creations and follow them! I found many amazing paper florists on Instagram and was able to connect with them one on one, but I wanted a community of people with the same interest who were looking for the same answers as me.

In short, I wanted to share, connect, and grow with other like-minded people - a community of creatives obsessed with the process of making crepe paper flowers. Thus, the Facebook group was created. It grew organically, and I was able to meet many incredible and talented people, people who inspire me, and people who have supported me along my paper flower dream. It was and still is an amazing group of individuals. It is also where Jessie and I connected over our shared desire to give back after receiving so much support and encouragement from our peers from the start. If you’re not already in the group, I invite you to share your story, creations and engage with the members in it.

We are paper flower obsessed.

Celebrating creative businesses,

one Paper Talk at a time.

Meet Jessie Chui: I will be stepping back from PaperTalk but I will still be around!

Hello! I'm Jessie Chui, a self-taught sculptor and photo-based artist, specializing in merging sculpture and photography techniques to capture the ephemeral beauty of florals frozen in time. My artwork has found a home in private collections across North America and Europe, and I'm honored to have collaborated with artist Gee Horton on a piece now housed in the esteemed permanent collection of the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Born in Hong Kong, my academic pursuits led me to earn a BA with Honours in Psychology from York University (Toronto, Canada) and a LLB from Osgoode Hall Law School (Toronto, Ontario). After a fulfilling seven-year career in family law, personal experiences, such as the loss of a loved one and the birth of my son, sparked a profound artistic awakening. Since then, I've embarked on a lifelong journey of exploring beauty, wonder, life, and death through the medium of floral expressions in three-dimensional forms and captivating still life photography.

In addition to creating art, I have the privilege of sharing my knowledge and skills through teaching local and international workshops. Through my online educational platform, Crafted to Bloom, I provide valuable resources and guidance to aspiring artists. Moreover, I am the proud author of two best-selling books: "Paper Flower Art: Create Beautifully Realistic Floral Arrangements" (GMC Publications, 2019) and "Paper Flowers" (GMC Publications, 2022). My work has been featured in numerous esteemed online and offline publications, further amplifying the reach and impact of my artistic vision.

The evolution of Paper Talk…

The evolution of Paper Talk…

Our journey began in 2017 when the Paper Talk community took root as a Facebook group, providing a safe haven for paper flower enthusiasts to connect, share knowledge, and find like-minded artists from all corners of the world. As the community flourished, so did our opportunities to expand and collaborate. The establishment of The Paper Florists Collective led to inspiring multi-day workshops in Seattle and Toronto, attracting makers from across the globe. 

Soon after, our commitment to sharing knowledge grew even stronger, giving rise to a weekly podcast featuring leaders and artists from both within and beyond our community. Alongside this, we introduced online education programs like the Paper to Profits Program and Paper X Talk lecture series, dedicated to nurturing paper flower entrepreneurs. Our continuous growth prompted the natural evolution of our name, moving from The Paper Florists Collective to the unified identity of Paper Talk across all platforms.

As we step into 2023, we warmly welcome Sara as a new co-host alongside Quynh, while Jessie remains a cherished presence, offering occasional insights.

Throughout these changes, our unwavering mission remains steadfast: to foster creativity, connections, and growth as artists, makers, and entrepreneurs, united by the love for paper flowers. Join us as we continue to share ideas, stories, and inspire a vibrant community of creatives.  

We can’t wait to share, connect, and grow with you along your paper flower journey.

We can’t wait to share, connect, and grow with you along your paper flower journey.

Photos on this page by Caroline Tran Photography and Yvonne Wong Photo

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