“I selfishly wanted a community to geek out about crepe paper flowers and couldn’t find one anywhere.”

“I selfishly wanted a community to geek out about crepe paper flowers and couldn’t find one anywhere.”

The backstory…

The backstory…

Quynh:If you’ve been following me, you know that I’ve worked hard to make The Paper Florists Collective—now called Paper Talk—an inclusive and encouraging place for paper florists to share, connect, and grow along our journeys in the paper flower industry. What you might not know is how it came to be.

To answer that question, we have to go back to 2017. I selfishly wanted a community to geek out about crepe paper flowers and couldn’t find one anywhere. I saw Facebook groups for cardstock and other paper media, but none specifically for crepe paper creations. I had so many questions about crepe paper. Where was everyone sourcing their papers from? What was their process in creating a paper flower? I wanted to see people’s creations and follow them! I found many amazing paper florists on Instagram and was able to connect with them one on one, but I wanted a community of people with the same interest who were looking for the same answers as me.

In short, I wanted to share, connect, and grow with other like-minded people - a community of creatives obsessed with the process of making crepe paper flowers. Thus, the Facebook group was created. It grew organically, and I was able to meet many incredible and talented people, people who inspire me, and people who have supported me along my paper flower dream. It was and still is an amazing group of individuals. It is also where Jessie and I connected over our shared desire to give back after receiving so much support and encouragement from our peers from the start. If you’re not already in the group, I invite you to share your story, creations and engage with the members in it.

We are paper flower obsessed.

We are paper flower obsessed.

Jessie: Once the growth of the Facebook group started to build momentum, Quynh and I founded The Paper Florists Collective to further the mission of sharing, connecting and growing with each other. Since inception, we have eagerly helped many of our peers elevate their craft and build their paper flower businesses from the ground up. We’ve organized workshops on an international scale to bring together paper florists from all over the globe, creating deep connections and friendships that last a lifetime. To give voice to the paper flower community, we established the first paper flower podcast to amplify it. On the podcast, we could interview and celebrate the successes of our community and at the same time, generate valuable content for our peers.

We now have 2 avenues in which to deliver unique and valuable content to our paper flower community: Paper Talk produces the weekly paper flower podcasts and connects paper florists through its Facebook Group; and Paper Flower Education hosts our online learning.

In 2021, we collaborated with The Wild Mother in support of the Greenwood Rising Museum to commemorate the 1921 Greenwood Massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With the help of the paper flower community and 500 of their paper white lilies, we installed a large white lily sculpture in the Greenwood Rising Museum. With this project, an initiative called the Paper Florists Against Racism #PFAR was born.

So what is Paper Talk today? It’s a community of creatives that has united and helped each other grow by sharing techniques, knowledge, and most importantly, by connecting with each other. Everyone is welcome and no one is left behind. Let’s geek out!

The evolution of Paper Talk…

The evolution of Paper Talk…

The Paper Talk community started in 2017 with the founding of a Facebook group that gave people who loved to make paper flowers a safe and nurturing place to ask questions and meet like-minded makers and artists from around the world.

As the paper flower community grew, our opportunities to share knowledge with each other did as well, first, by formally establishing The Paper Florists Collective; and then, with multi-day workshops in Seattle and Toronto where makers came from all over the globe; a weekly podcast featuring leaders and artists from within and outside of our community; and online education for paper flower entrepreneurs like our Paper to Profits Program and Paper X Talk lecture series. 

Like any plant or garden, we are constantly growing and evolving and we’ve decided it is time to move on from The Paper Florists Collective. With the growth of our podcast, it feels like the natural progression to start using the name “Paper Talk” across our social media channels, and to funnel our online learning, Member Portal, and Paper Florist Member Directory into a sister-site, PaperFlowerEducation.com. So what was once The Paper Florists Collective is now Paper Talk. However, our mission remains the same: to share ideas and stories, to connect and engage with others, and grow as artists, crafters, makers, and entrepreneurs. 

We hope we can continue to offer educational courses, lectures, and workshops in the United States, Canada and beyond! We can’t wait for that day. 

We can’t wait to share, connect, and grow with you along your paper flower journey.

We can’t wait to share, connect, and grow with you along your paper flower journey.

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