Episode 67: Navigating Business Transitions with Amy McGee

Our guest Amy McGee has changed her business focus many times over the years. Hear how she decided when to try something new and how she did so successfully.

Change is difficult and scary. When you are presented with a business opportunity or something is pushing you to transition to something new, how do you know if it’s right for you? What if you make the wrong decision? What if you fail? 

These are questions that go through every small business owner’s mind at some point. Recently at our Paper X Talk lecture, we discussed how deciding to do something new, like changing your prices, is such a personal decision. There are so many factors to weigh. We’re excited to continue that conversation about pricing on November 14 (buy your tickets here), but we wanted to have a deeper discussion about change and transitions in general. 

That’s why we invited Amy McGee of Botanical Brouhaha to chat with us on our latest episode of Paper Talk. You’ve probably encountered her amazing blog about fresh flowers and heard her voice on her podcast. If not, you should check it out right away. We’ve found so much inspiration for our paper flowers from her work.

Amy has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to this topic of change. She started out growing cut flowers as a hobby while working as a dental hygienist. But then, opportunities in the floral world began to present themselves. She had to make decisions about what she wanted in life. Her floral business transitioned or did something new multiple times over the years, and with each change, she stayed grounded and successful by always keeping a connection with what truly inspired her to stay in business.

Amy put it this way: “There was such a connection for me with nature when I started growing those flowers, and just kind of getting into this industry. That’s what was leading me, was that connection to nature. And then it kind of grew into this connection with other people, because you all know, flower people, gardeners, farmers, they’re some of the kindest people in the world.” 

You can hear more about her journey and how she made her decisions by listening to the podcast. Here’s what you’ll learn from our conversation: 

  • How to know it’s time to change

  • Where to find the courage to try something new when you’re afraid

  • Why surrounding yourself with innovative, positive people is so important

  • How Amy has given back and strengthened her community through collaborative workshops, and how she’s pivoting during Covid

We loved learning more about what Amy is doing to provide virtual help to florists now that her regular in-person workshops can’t continue. Her new project, Bloom Trust Co., will launch mid-November and connect florists to the resources and knowledge that they need to be successful. We can’t wait to check it out. We feel very similarly with our work here at Paper Talk and our mission to share, connect, and grow the paper flower industry in any way that we can.

Listen now to hear all about navigating transitions, Amy’s new venture, and more.

Amy McGee

Amy McGee has a broad range of experience in the floral industry. She entered the industry when she began growing and selling cut flowers from her home-based garden. Her love of floral design blossomed while providing arrangements of her locally grown flowers to local businesses. This venture eventually led her to open Bliss Flower Studio where she focused primarily on weddings and events, but also delivered custom arrangements and operated a floral subscription service.

Amy closed Bliss Flower Studio in 2008 in order to spend more time with her family, but could not completely leave the “flower people” she had come to love. In an effort to stay connected to the industry, she started Botanical Brouhaha in 2009. As a full-time blogger Amy is grateful to have been able to maintain and forge new relationships with floral designers, growers, wholesalers, and industry peers.

In addition, Amy co-hosts the Botanical Brouhaha Podcast with Maggie Bailey highlighting the stories behind the floral industry. Amy’s newest venture, Bloom Trust Co., launches Fall 2020 providing a one-stop resource site for the floral community where subscribers can log in, find the resources they need to sharpen their skills, and go out into the world to flower with purpose. In keeping with Amy’s mission, a portion of Bloom Trust Co. profits help support her local community and other causes she believes in. Amy has two grown sons and currently lives and gardens in Texas with her husband. 

Follow along with Amy, Botanical Brouhaha, and Bloom Trust Co. on social media:

WEBSITES | Botanicalbrouhaha | Bloom Trust Co. 

INSTAGRAM | @botanicalbrouhaha | @bloomtrustco

FACEBOOK | Botanical Brouhaha

Check out the books we mentioned in this episode (affiliate links below):

Donald Miller’s “Building a Storybrand”

“Obsessed” by Emily Heyward.

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