Episode 70: How Paper Florist Christina Funderburgh Built her Business So Quickly

Our Facebook admin Christina Funderburgh hasn’t been in the paper flower business long, but her artistry and business has taken off at an incredible pace. We chatted with her about how she has grown so successfully, so quickly.

You’ve jumped into the paper flower world. You know that you want to turn this hobby into a business. Where do you start? How long will it take?

Christina Funderburgh proves that you can build up a successful paper flower business without waiting years and years. She has always been a DIY, creative soul, so it felt natural for her to create flowers for her wedding even though the medium of paper was new to her. That was only a couple years ago, and since then her artistry as a paper florist has improved by leaps and bounds. She’s been able to use her artistic background to build her business, Fleur-ish Paper Flowers, into a distinctive brand that we know will only keep growing.

In our latest episode of Paper Talk, we chatted with Christina...

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