Episode 2: Friends of TPFC: Chatting with the Crepe Paper King

In our second podcast, we are chatting it up with the king of crepe paper (at least on this side of the ocean), Mike Benson of Carte Fini. Carte Fini is based on San Diego, California and it is an online distributor of Cartotecnica Rossi Italian crepe paper and ships worldwide.
We first met Mike at the 2019 Masterclass in Monroe, Washington, where he generously sponsored part of our swag bag for the attendees. He even enthusiastically participated in paper flower making for the first time (and did a darn good job!). Mike is an ardent supporter of our craft and has made it his mission to work with our community to promote emerging and established artists alike.
Listen to Mike as he talks with Quynh, Jessie and Priscilla, about his entry into the paper flower industry, his involvement with artists, and his take on the growth of the crepe paper community in the PAPER TALK PODCAST.

In addition to having a candid conversation with us, Mike was kind...
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Feature on Carte Fini's Blog

carte fini season 1 Mar 09, 2020
Photo credit: Kelly Lemon Photography

Photo credit: Kelly Lemon Photography

We’ve been featured on Carte Fini’s blog! Mike, the owner of Carte Fini, has written a fantastic piece on his experience at our Masterclass last month in Monroe, Washington. If you don’t know who Mike is or what Carte Fini is, let us tell you: they’re the primary distributor of Italian crepe paper in North America. They carry 60 g, 140g, 160g, 180g and metallic crepe paper. They were also a vendor and sponsor at our Masterclass.

If you have a chance, head on over to our favourite paper supplier and read his experience at the Masterclass.

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