Episode 72 - Running and Promoting a Wedding Paper Flower Business with Rosie Wykes

artist spotlight season 3 Dec 10, 2020

Listen to our guest from the UK, Rosie Wykes, as she discusses her paper flower journey, how she manages clients, and where she sources her crepe.

Our paper flower community truly encompasses the globe, and we love to share, connect, and grow with all of the paper florists out there. 

A huge benefit of gathering together virtually is that we can solve problems. Many of our listeners in the UK have encountered a similar problem: sourcing crepe paper. So when we spoke with paper florist Rosie Wykes of Soul Binding in our latest episode of Paper Talk, we knew we had to ask her where she buys her crepe.

We had so much fun discussing Rosie’s journey from crafting handbags to paper flowers, and getting a peek into how she is building up our industry across the pond. She specializes in weddings, and she had many insights about how to promote a paper floral business in the wedding industry and how to prevent surprises from cropping up while working with clients. We of course touched on our universal love of paper. Rosie had this to say:

“I love paper. I think it’s just so versatile. And the fact that it’s so fragile, but you can make it into something so solid and tactile. I just love that. That’s what I love about the heavy crepe. People will look at the bouquets and think, ‘Oh, that looks so delicate,’ but then they’ll touch it and ‘Oh, actually, that’s very solid. That’s quite sturdy.’ I think that’s fascinating.”

We know so many of you relate to that love! 

Here’s what you’ll hear when you listen to our conversation:

  • Where Rosie sources her crepe paper in the UK.

  • How she promotes her business and educates potential customers about paper flowers.

  • Why communication is key to preventing problems with clients later on.

  • How she colors her crepe paper without access to Design Master.

  • Rosie’s simple way of invoicing customers from her phone.

Rosie herself stated how important our Facebook group has been to connect her with paper florists and resources from outside her local area. If you haven’t yet, join us! And listen now to the podcast to hear all about running a wedding paper flower business.

Mentioned in this episode:


Rosie Wykes has been making paper creations as SoulBinding since 2013. She works from her cosy home in a small town in the Midlands in the United Kingdom called Hinckley, surrounded by her fiance Ben, 4 year old daughter Ariana, cats Cat & Luna, and Jessie the border collie puppy! The flowers she creates are mostly for beautiful weddings and celebrations. Ranging from book pages roses to heavy crepe paper peonies and everything in between. They are her true passion! (I honestly wake up every day excited to get into my attic studio and start creating something! No one day is ever the same and with flowers you can never run out of inspiration x)



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