Episode 4: Friends of TPFC: Providing Color Solutions

In this podcast, we are in conversation with Jodi Duncan of Design Master. Design Master is a company that provides colour solutions to the fresh floral industry. Internationally, they are associated with Oasis-Smithers.

Jodi herself has years of experience as a fresh floral designer and she is very well known in the fresh floral industry. Her knowledge about the colour products is astounding. At the 2019 Masterclass, she demonstrated how to use Design Master products on both fresh and paper flowers. We love using Design Master spray paints because they come in a wide spectrum of colours, are light weight enough to sit on top of the crepe papers, and dry in a few second, so we are excited to hear from Jodi that our paper flower community is now on Design Master’s radar.

Listen to Jodi as she talks with Quynh, Jessie and Priscilla, about her involvement in Design Master and how she believes her products can help our community.


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