Episode 66 - Books to Read That Are Helping Us Build Our Brands

Hear about the books Jessie and Quynh are reading right now and some of the valuable information they’ve learned about branding and building their businesses.

“It’s one of those few books...that’s very actionable. It’s set out in very straightforward categories, let’s say ‘5 things you need to do to create a...resilient brand.’” - Jessie

Do you wonder where we turn for info about building our brands? While experience is important, learning from others can save a lot of time and heartbreak—one reason why we’re committed at Paper Talk to share, connect, and grow with our community of paper florists. 

The small business landscape is always shifting over time, and one way we keep up with those changes is by reading books from experts. As Jessie said about the book she’s been reading, “I found her really interesting because she’s talking about marketing in the 21st century, like about now as...

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