Episode 41: Friends of TPFC - Fleurs de Villes with Alicia Schwede

friends of tpfc season 2 Apr 02, 2020

This year, from February 26 to March 1, 2020, our florist friend and mentor, Alicia Schwede of Bella Fiori and the Flirty Fleurs blog, participated in a floral event by Fleurs de Villes at the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival where she and her team created a floral dress from fresh florals.
Learn more about Alicia when we previously chatted with her on Episode 17: Friends of TPFC: Collaborating with a Florist.
Listen as she talks about this amazing event (which takes place in different cities around the world) and the process of creating her beautiful floral dress.

(Following images by @samanthasmith.photo)

Alicia's floral creation:


Other florists' creations:

Natural Designs
 Apotheca Designs
Fena Flowers
 Garden Party Flowers

Hazel Landscape and Design

Leah Erikson

Lora Bloom


Seattle Floral Design

Smashing Petals


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Episode 38: Friends of TPFC: New Colour Solutions with Gretchen Sell & Jodi Duncan

friends of tpfc season 2 Mar 25, 2020


We talked to Jodi Duncan of Design Master in Episode 4 where she talked about her involvement with Design Master, her role in creating new colours, and how their colour products can help our paper florists community.

This time, we also had the chance to speak with Jodi along with Gretchen Sell, the Creative Director of Design Master, about Creativation 2020 and the new amazing colour products just released by Design Master. Gretchen also provides tips on colour shifting and how we can take advantage of the unique recipes of their products - from Colortool, Just for Flowers, to Ubermatte - to create a more sophisticated colour palette.

DM Horiz_Blk_Red.jpg

Below is an excerpt of our interview with Jodi Duncan in Episode 4:

1. We know that Design Master have been around a long time. Can you tell us the history and how you got involved with Design Master?

Mark Addison created DM. The idea was born around a kitchen table in 1961. Mark was an art loving accountant who saw a...

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Episode 37: Friends of TPFC: Inspirations from Alexandra Farms with Teresa Schafer

friends of tpfc season 2 Mar 25, 2020

When Quynh went to Florabundance Design Days in January 2020, she met the lovely Teresa Schafer of Alexandra Farms. Alexandra Farms is the largest grower of garden roses in the world. Located in Bogotá, Colombia, the farm grows 60 varieties of those fragrant garden roses that florists (and we!) covet. Teresa is the Communications Manager at Alexandra Farms and an expert at garden roses. We were thrilled when Teresa agreed to talk to us about all things garden roses and to learn more about her company

 We are also excited to announce that we will be working with Alexandra Farms on a collaboration later this year! We cannot wait to get Alexandra Farms garden roses in our (and in our students’) hands!

Let’s first get to know Teresa and Alexandra Farms a bit:


1. Tell us about Alexandra Farms.

Alexandra Farms is a boutique grower specializing in nostalgic, romantic fresh cut garden roses. Our farm is located in the incredibly fertile savannah of...

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Episode 29: Friends of TPFC: Craft Show Success with Kristen Rask

friends of tpfc season 1 Mar 25, 2020

Urban Craft Uprising organizes and creates makers events in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. It’s objective - to establish a strong makers community and to create a showcase for crafters - is facilitated by its President, Kristen Rask. Kristen, an artist in her own right, has been involved with UCU since 2008. She has organized and curated numerous craft show and has vast knowledge of vendor and artist experiences.

Listen to Kristen as she talks about her involvement in a large craft show and her advice for crafters who want to enter craft shows.

Urban Craft Uprising 1.jpeg

Let’s first learn a bit about Kristen:

1. Who is Kristen Rask? 

Oh man.  I am a daughter, sister, fiance, maker, business woman.  More or less that's me!


2. What type of artistic pursuits are you currently involved in, if any? 

I love making stuff for my home right now as we just bought a house.  But I just don't have much time for making these days.


3. Tell us...

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Episode 26: Friends of TPFC: Pricing in Retail and Wholesale with Marlo Miyashiro

friends of tpfc season 1 Mar 25, 2020
In this week’s Episode, we talk to Marlo Miyashiro, the owner and visionary behind the retail gallery, The Handmade Showroom. Located in downtown Seattle, The Handmade Showroom showcases handcrafted local goods of various kinds that are carefully curated by Marlo. As a former jewelry designer, Marlo now operates two brick-and-mortar stores as well as an online store that offer products at retail prices. Her most recent store, Bezel & Kiln, is an extension of The Handmade Showroom and offers handcrafted upscale jewelry and home goods. In addition, Marlo also has a passion for mentoring emerging artists and has an arts consulting business called Creative Arts Consulting. Her passion is quite apparent as she offers so many great tips about pricing and marketing throughout our discussion!
Listen to Marlo as she talks about the difference between wholesale and retail pricing, what to consider when pricing your labour, and her passion for business mentorship.

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Episode 24: Friends of TPFC: Building Lasting Relationships with Kelly Lemon

friends of tpfc season 1 Mar 25, 2020
We talk today to one of our dearest friends, Kelly Lemon of Kelly Lemon Photography! Based in Seattle, Kelly travels all over the world as a wedding and lifestyle photographer to document her client’s special life moments. Her passion for people defines her art and her life.
In her words: I am the photographer for the adventurous couple that values real connection.
As a one-armed photographer, she has faced many challenges in her life. Her perseverance and her faith has helped her push through these hardships with dignity. She was recently on King 5 a local Seattle network sharing her story - and what an inspiring one it is. We will let her share this with you in her own words:

1. Who is Kelly Lemon?

I’m a talkative extrovert, a hugger,  inspirational speaker, wife, dog-mom, Jesus lover, chocolate chip cookie connoisseur and a Seattle based wedding + lifestyle photographer. I am also a mom to be! We have a baby girl on the way via surrogacy...
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Episode 23: Friends of TPFC: Sugar Flower Artistry with Jacqueline Butler

friends of tpfc season 1 Mar 25, 2020

As paper florists, we ultimately found our artistic medium in paper. Jacqueline Butler of Petalsweet Cakes found her perfect medium in gum paste. Based in San Diego, California, but internationally renowned, Jacqueline specializes in creating and teaching sugar flower art. She teaches around the globe and is the author of “Modern Sugar Flowers Vol 1” (which Jessie owns and believes every paper florist should have on their shelf). In it, she generously shares her experience, tips, and tricks. Her style is forever tasteful and stylized; her techniques innovative and applicable across disciplines (like our’s!). In addition to being a generous teacher of sugar artistry, she is also incredibly personable and humble.

Now, Jacqueline is publishing her second book, “Modern Sugar Flowers Vol 2”, available for preorder on Amazon UK, Amazon US and Amazon CA. It will be released on November 1st in the UK and November 19th in North America. We are so excited to...

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Episode 22: Friends of TPFC: Lighting the Way to Success with Caroline Tran

friends of tpfc season 1 Mar 25, 2020
Quynh first got to know Caroline Tran of Caroline Tran Photography when the photographer shot her sister’s wedding a few years back. Fast forward to today and Caroline and Quynh are frequent collaborators on many projects together across the United States from workshops to photography sessions. She, along with Kelly Lemon, was one of the photography instructors at The Paper Florists Collective Masterclass in Seattle back in April 2019. Caroline first got her feet wet in photography when pursuing a creative side hustle. Eventually, she discovered that her ultimate love was photography. Known for her airy and bright style and her ability create beautiful images of intimacy, Caroline is based in Los Angelas, California.
Listen to Caroline as she describes how her creative side hustle turned into a business, how she stays inspired, and her decision to offer online education.

1. Who is Caroline Tran?
I am a Los Angeles based photographer who is...
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Episode 18: Friends of TPFC: Paper Passion with Heather Sauer

friends of tpfc season 1 Mar 25, 2020
This week, we talk to Heather Sauer, the owner and operator of The Paper Place located in downtown Toronto, Canada. Being one of the few brick-and-mortar paper stores in Canada, Heather’s store carries a vast array of paper products, from crepe paper to Japanese washi paper, Rifle paper goods and kits, to birthday cards and origami products. Everything you see in the store is a feast for the eyes! In fact, Jessie’s paper flower journey started here four years ago when she bought her first fine crepe papers, and soon thereafter, she began teaching crepe paper flower workshops at the store.
The Paper Place generously sponsored our German double-sided crepe paper for our 2-Day Paper Flower Workshop in Toronto in September.
Listen to Heather as we talk to her about how she got started selling paper, her entrepreneurial journey, and the challenges of operating a brick-and-mortar paper store.

1. Who is Heather Sauer?
I am an artist, the...
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Episode 17: Friends of TPFC: Collaborating with a Florist

friends of tpfc season 1 Mar 25, 2020

We have all seen the incredibly helpful rose colour studies on the Flirty Fleurs blog that are scattered all over the web. In fact, if you have yet to check out the blog, you should do so immediately! The blog is written by no other than the internationally renowned florist, Alicia Schwede. It includes resources and workshop information for florists but is equally relevant to paper florists.

Back to Alicia - she’s has been in the florist industry for more than 16 years and runs her floral studio, Bella Fiori, out of Seattle, Washington. She offers floristry services for weddings and events, and instructs floral workshops all over the world. Next spring, she’ll be in Tuscany for a week-long floral retreat, and in October (October 22, 23, & 24, 2019), with our very own Quynh in California for a Wedding Intensive Workshop.

Listen to Alicia as we grill her about how paper florists can work with florists successfully to better suit and meet our paper flower...

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