Episode 62: Over Coffee - Pricing Your Products with Erin Shackelford and Jesalyn Pettigrew

Learn how to price your products and services with advice from four small business owners - Erin Shackelford, Jesalyn Pettigrew, Quynh Nguyen, and Jessie Chui, in the paper flower, floral arranging, and flower farming industries. 

Does your stomach tie up in knots at the thought of pricing your products or services? A quick search will show that paper flowers come with all sorts of price tags attached. How do other paper florists come up with those price points? Are you charging too much or too little?

Camas Design

“I looked back on what I had done that summer, thinking I had done great for that first year…But when I looked at my profit margin, I realized it was not a sustainable business model.” - Erin Shackelford


Paper florists aren’t the only ones to struggle with this problem. Small business owners of all kinds lose sleep over the pricing question. That’s why on our Season 3 premier of Papertalk we took on this important topic and...

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